Company Profile

Hebei Zheone Technology Co., Ltd. is an international company mainly engaged in the production and trade of medical beauty equipment. Over the years, with the great goal of “business spread all over the world”, Zheone is committed to promoting excellent medical beauty equipment to all parts of the world, constantly expanding its business territory, and making its products benefit colleagues at home and abroad who take “beauty” as their career.

  • 12 Years


  • 160000 Units+


  • 100 Employees+


  • 120 +


The company produces a variety of high-end medical beauty equipment, including more than ten product lines including diode laser, intense pulsed light, Q-switched laser, picosecond laser, radio frequency equipment, and ultrasonic equipment.

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Zheone has innovative technology and appearance, and has more than 150 registered patents and more than 20 registered trademarks. The company has obtained FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001 and other international quality certifications.

Development path
  • 2010
    Zheone Company was established
  • 2012
    Open up the Chinese market
  • 2013
    Established branches in Shanghai, Jinan, Chongqing and Xi'an
  • 2014
    Zhengzhou branch was established
  • 2015
    Chengdu Branch was established
  • 2017
    Shijiazhuang branch was established
  • 2018
    Zheone Technology develops the global market
  • 2019
    Yanfeng Comprehensive Service Operation Center was established
  • 2020
    Zheone's products and services cover more than 100 countries and regions in the world
  • 2022
    Establish Zheone Headquarters Building
Technical advantages

The company has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years and has rich experience in technology and brand operation and promotion. Products cover more than 93% of cities in China. Exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
DPL has ranked first among similar products in China for 5 consecutive years, serving more than 12000 beauty centers, with a favorable rate of over 99% .
Diode laser serves more than 30 distributors and agents all over the world, and the monthly order exceeds 300 units.
Q-switched lasers and picosecond lasers are used in more than 300 hospitals and clinics to treat skin problems.

Main products and services
Series of products

Vertical (horizontal) diode laser, Q-switch ND-YAG laser, Picosecond laser, CO2 laser, BTL device, Cryolipolysis device

Desktop: diode laser, Q-switched ND Yag laser, BTL device,HIFU device,HIFU 2 in 1 device, RF microneedle device

Strategic value
Client needs
  • Differentiated product appearance /
  • Excellent product quality /
  • Serialized product line /
  • Exclusive distribution protection /
  • Long-term cooperation and after-sales service /
  • Product update iteration /
Zheone Innovation

Zheone makes full use of its own R&D, design and manufacturing advantages to bring a full set of serialized products to agents, providing rich appearance options, excellent product quality, combined with high-quality production capacity, to provide customers with obvious differentiation, and obvious differences with market peers. Different series of products help customers to better develop the local market and establish their own brand image.

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The value of a series of products can bring
Unique appearance
The series of products exclusively provided by the agent are neither in the shape of online sales, nor "cracking shirts" with peers, avoiding homogeneous competition with the same appearance, and helping customers build their own brand image.
Serialized product line
Avoid the high cost of self-development, and enhance the brand image, company value and product value of the agent in the local market.
Exclusive Distribution Protection Policy
Protect the exclusive distribution rights of agents in this area, protect the interests of agents in this area, and combine serialized products to allow agents to have greater premium space.
Full range of products
One series includes all categories, reducing production costs and publicity costs for agents. Appeared as a unique new product at the exhibition.
Authentication is convenient
Our company can provide customers with materials and technologies required for various certifications, and solve customers' problems in local certification.
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Our service
  • A professional after-sales team of more than 10 people can quickly and professionally analyze and solve problems.
  • The long warranty period of 1 to 3 years makes your machine no worries.
  • Agents give priority to after-sales service.
  • On-site maintenance by engineers (exclusive to agents)
  • DHL and other international express, fast delivery of accessories, reducing waiting time.
  • Provide free prototypes for testing and publicity.
  • Provide dealers with a unique appearance that differentiates them from their peers.
  • Instead of spending more time and energy onchoosing suppliers of different categories, we can provide you with all categories.
  • International exhibition support to expand brand influence.
  • Cooperate with all required certifications.
  • Exclusive distribution rights, regional protection, and reduced competitive pressure from peers.
Customization and capacity
  • OEM

    3 days for provide design picture,
    14 days for prototype,
    7 days production and delivery

  • ODM

    Desgn in 7 days,
    prototype in 30 days,
    7 days production and delivery

  • Monthly production capacity of 1500 units

  • Regional Distributor

  • Distributors with their own brands

  • Distributors who want to promote their own brands and widen the gap with their peers

  • National sole Agent

  • Brand agents, willing to establish in-depth cooperation and promote our brand