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448KHz the anti-aging principle of RF technology

2021-12-03 09:38:36

        As we all know, cells are the smallest tissue in the human body, and only the balance of cells can keep the body healthy. In order to balance the cells, the body temperature must be increased to promote the exchange of cell ions and enhance the ability of cells to absorb nutrients. Studies have shown that if the body temperature drops by 1℃, the basal metabolic rate will drop by 12%, immunity will drop by 37%, and cancer cells will grow the fastest…After a woman is over 25 years old, her skin is prone to sagging, wrinkles, and dullness. The main reason for these problems is the loss of collagen in the dermis, which causes the spring of elastic fibers to break. Aging is not only manifested in facial skin relaxation and wrinkle hyperplasia, more often it is a sub-healthy state hidden in the body. For example: mental fatigue, weakened immune system, back pain, soreness in the legs and knees, sagging breasts, accumulation of fat in the waist and abdomen, etc.


        With the deepening of the beauty economy and people’s high attention to sub-health, how to delay aging and resist sub-health has become a lifelong career for many women. When anti-aging has slowly become a popular demand, anti-aging black technology should be adopted. Born. Italy CUGI is a new single-stage radio frequency device, the exclusive agent of Hangzhou Genghong Technology in Asia, using advanced functional diathermy combined with endogenous lifting waves. Through 448Khz specific frequency and three application modes, it can be combined into 48 schemes. It can not only achieve the purpose of delaying skin aging by many beauty seekers, but also can be used in more fields, such as facial tissue regeneration, muscle shaping, body sculpting, sub-health conditioning, etc. It is an excellent solution for body health management and skin management. Program.


RF basics knowledge


        RF radio frequency technology has been widely used in the medical beauty industry for nearly 20 years. It has been hailed as the anti-aging “all-round champion”, not only popular in the beauty circle, but also favored by entertainment stars.


        Radio frequency is abbreviated as RF, that is, radio frequency wave. It is a high-frequency alternating current changing electromagnetic wave. In medicine, the alternating high-frequency current with a frequency of 0.5MHz to 8MHz is called radio frequency wave.


        Radio frequency waves have energy and have penetrating power. Radiofrequency can directly heat the dermis without heating the epidermis, destroying the existing (slightly aged) collagen in the dermis, thereby stimulating the skin’s repair mechanism, proliferating collagen, and shrinking elastic fibers. In this way, the collagen will gradually fill up, the elastic fibers will shrink and become elastic, and the skin will naturally become plump and firm.


        Radio frequency is divided into unipolar radio frequency, bipolar radio frequency and multipolar radio frequency. The common hot Maggie on the market belongs to the unipolar radio frequency with a frequency of 6.78Mhz, the heat pull is a bipolar (multipolar) radio frequency with a frequency of 40.68Mhz, and CUGI is a unipolar radio frequency with a radio frequency of 448Khz, with deep frequency penetration. The range of treatments is wider, so that care is more efficient and quicker.


        The rotation speed of 448Khz into the body is 4-8 nanometers, and the thickness of the human cell wall is 10 nanometers, so after 448Khz enters the human body, it can balance cell ion exchange, repair the natural function of cells, re-establish tissue balance, and promote its regeneration and repair to reach the face. And the effect of body activation, give the body and skin a brand-new life.

1.Capacitance resistance targeted deep diathermy therapy:


Diathermy principle: CAP capacitive diathermy combined with RES resistive diathermy, using a specific frequency of 448Khz to achieve cell balance, repair and regeneration.


2.Endogenous lifting wave (muscle remodeling, lifting and tightening) muscle tightening principle:


By emitting a low-frequency variable current modulated at the intermediate frequency to stimulate the microstructure of the skin and muscles, which in turn causes blood flow and nutritional stimulation, thereby restoring the two effects of muscle tension.


3.Boost fever therapy (physical warming up to activate immune cells)


Increase the internal temperature and activate the metabolism. One deep heat transfer = a marathon, which enables the human body to increase its basal body temperature by 7 degrees through endogenous heat, lasting for 8 hours, and fully activate the human immune system.


448KHz cell balance therapy and endogenous heat technology


        Balance cell positive and negative ion exchange, repair cells, and make cells more nutritious and vigorous.It is scientifically proven that cell balance therapy is effective in repairing severely damaged cells in the sports and medical fields, and Diba Mi has the same effectiveness in repairing damaged cells and maintaining cell balance in the life and beauty field.


        Patented technology of internal heat generation, continuous warming inside the body.It is reported that the energy of ordinary health-preserving instruments on the market can only be transferred to the superficial layer, which is easily offset by the body’s natural impedance, and it is often difficult to stimulate the body’s self-heating by means of external heating; and Diba Mi has a patented internal heat generation. Technology, that is, the introduction of bio-electric currents that mimic the human body, which collides with the heating element (resistance) in the body, generates heat energy from the inside to the outside, and raises the basal body temperature.


        Another major patented technology of Diba Mi is 448KHz cell balance therapy. The cells of the human body exchange positive and negative ions every day. If the exchange of positive and negative ions slows down or stops, the cells will be damaged or necrotic; damage to one cell has little effect on the human body, but damage to many cells will cause various organs and tissues. Kind of pathology and pain phenomenon.


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