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Application of lasers of various wavelengths in the field of beauty

2021-12-30 09:27:11

        The vertical axis of the graph is the absorption rate, and the horizontal axis is the wavelength of the different lasers. We need effective lasers for effective absorption for treatment. Effective lasers can be absorbed by effective target tissues, and at the same time, be absorbed by target tissues and not be absorbed by other tissues.


        193nm: The black line from left to right is the absorption of protein. The femtosecond laser 193nm laser irradiates the protein of the cornea, which makes the cornea thin. The protein is mainly absorbed and vaporized.


        The longest dark purple curve is the curve of water, which means that the femtosecond laser acts on the cornea only for the protein of the cornea, but has no effect on water, so the eyes will not feel heat. We need such a laser. , It is effective to target tissues, and has no harm to other tissues, achieving the purpose of treating myopia.


        308nm: Ultraviolet rays will darken the skin. Some people have vitiligo. They need to use a 308nm excimer laser to stimulate the activity of prinase, and then produce new melanin. There is a melanin curve under our 308, which varies with the wavelength. As it increases, melanin decreases all the way.


        532nm: 532 treatment is easy to turn black. 532 is closer to the range of purple light. The closer to the purple band, the easier it will be after irradiation. 532 treatment is also easy to bleed. We can easily find oxygenated hemoglobin lines and deoxygenation by looking at the picture. The hemoglobin thread (double hemoglobin thread) and the melanin thread are entangled. 532 can treat superficial layers including freckles and age spots (seborrheic keratosis). Do not hit deep spots. After bleeding, all inflammatory reactions For example, the position of the wound becomes black after a fall, and the 532 must be operated according to the indications.


        LED red and blue light: red light can be irradiated, if you look for purple flowers, the skin will easily become black. The irradiation time has been in accordance with the standard time, not more than 20 minutes.


        Between 694nm-755nm: We found that at this time, the double hemoglobin line has clearly diverged from the melanin line, that is to say, the melanin on the skin has a significant reaction in this wave band, and it is not easy to bleed.


        585nm: Pulsed dye laser, the position of the picture is the closest to the blood vessel. It has the greatest effect on blood vessels, including port wine stains. 585 is a long-pulse laser without mechanical blasting. When it is irradiated on the blood, the temperature of the blood increases. When the temperature rises above 60 degrees, the blood loses activity and is closed, the blood does not flow, the blood vessel wall is absorbed and discharged by the surrounding, so the skin becomes white.


        810nm: Laser for hair removal.


        1064nm: 532 is half-folded by 1064 laser, and 1064 breaks melanocytes by mechanical blasting.


        1550nm, 1927nm, 2940nm, 10600nm are the infrared lasers named by Koreans in the early years for skin rejuvenation, the main purpose of skin rejuvenation, to avoid the appearance of color after rejuvenation.


        CO2 laser skin resurfacing is done once a year, it is best to do it when it is cold, not when it is hot.


        2940 erbium laser: mainly used for vaginal privacy. The erbium laser has the highest water absorption rate (the position of the erbium laser and water in the above picture is the closest). The erbium laser is not good for face treatment, because the water on the skin surface is limited. The water evaporates immediately after being hit. After that, it will vaporize and it is not suitable for skin rejuvenation; (mouth, nasal cavity, vagina, rectum) the vagina has the most mucosal tissue and the most water, so it is used to stimulate the vaginal wall to tighten; 2940 can be used for the eye area, It is absorbed immediately after finishing, and the skin is tightened.


        980nm: It treats blood vessels, relatively large arteries.


        1320nm is doing it while spraying air-conditioning, cooling over to treat will avoid burns.


        During the treatment, apply a few times, because the temperature of the skin is lowered and it is not prone to inflammatory reactions.


        1.If you use IPL for skin rejuvenation treatment, you don’t need ice compress.


       2. Ultrasonic knife does not require ice.


        3.Q-switched laser spot, you can apply ice while applying for comfort.


        The relationship between laser penetration depth and energy absorption.


        The shallower the penetration depth, the lower the energy setting should be (energy is absorbed in the superficial layer).


        For short-wavelength laser treatment, the higher the energy density is set (the energy is absorbed and diffused in the depth of the skin’s three-dimensional structure).


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