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Comprehensive therapy for aging skin

2022-02-23 13:21:26

          Clinical manifestations of aging:


          You think aging is just wrinkles, you think anti-aging skincare is enough, but it’s nowhere near the state of being young. In fact, there are three main manifestations of facial aging, which are divided into surface and deep layers:


          1.Skin aging


          Appears as skin thinning, lack of elasticity, dull complexion, hyperpigmentation, redness


          2.Facial tissue laxity


          The reason is that due to the sagging and displacement of superficial fat, the elastic support of muscles and ligaments is reduced, the facial contour is not clear, the jaw line is bloated, double chin, nasolabial folds, tear troughs and other problems.


          3.Insufficient quantity


          The reason is due to deep fat atrophy, or even bone resorption, typically manifested as sunken eye sockets.


          Through scientific analysis, aging has multiple levels and manifestations in the face. It is difficult to maintain a youthful state by skin care alone to keep the skin from wrinkling, and a combination of various full-thickness anti-aging is required.


          Treatment direction:


          Anti-aging advice: daily skin care and maintenance cleaning, moisturizing, sun protection, the three magic weapons are long-lasting and effective.


          Treatment of soft tissue sagging:


          V-Meso+V-Meti photoelectric combination therapy improves collagen reset, regeneration and reorganization.


          Treatment solutions:


          V-Meso+V-Meti Photoelectric Combined Treatment:


          V-Meso uses high-intensity focused ultrasound with a subcutaneous temperature of 60°C-75°C to heat deep tissues in a way that does not harm the skin,Depending on the location of diagnosis and treatment, the focused ultrasound produces high energy, 1.5 mm in the superficial epidermis, 3.0 mm in the deep dermis, and 4.5 mm in the fascia.The dermis and fascia layers of the skin stimulate collagen regeneration and reorganization, tightening the contours, removing wrinkles and firming the skin.


          VMETI uses radio frequency (RF), short for radio frequency, which is a high-frequency electromagnetic wave that can penetrate deep into the dermis and massage the water molecules in the cells at high speed.This thermal effect can repair aging and damaged collagen, so as to achieve the effect of skin firming, wrinkle reduction and anti-aging.V-Meti breaks through the traditional heating method of radio frequency from the surface to the inside, but projects high-frequency energy into the human body to generate deep heat from the subcutaneous tissue, thereby achieving the effect of restoring skin elasticity, improving fine lines and tightening the skin.VMETI can get “lifting + firming + wrinkle removal” in a single treatment and greatly improves effectiveness and comfort on the basis of safety.


          Based on the above characteristics and principles, for the problem of aging skin, you can use the combination of V-Meso+V-Meti photoelectric treatment.


          The specific implementation is as follows:


          V Meisu 4.5 blade operates below the cheekbones, the energy is 0.5J-0.8J; 3.0 blade operates below the eye area, the energy is 0.4J-0.6J, 1.5 blade operates the whole face, the energy is 0.3J-0.5J: the specific energy is in During the operation, ask the customer about the affordability.


          There is a 15-day interval between V Meisu and V Meiti, and the consolidation operation is carried out. The facial probe is used for 30 minutes, the energy is 20mj-30mj, and the three-line lifting technique is used. For dry lines and fine lines, the neck probe operates on the neck for 20 minutes, with an energy of 20mj-30mj, to dilute the neck lines and tighten the jaw.


          V-Meso is operated once every 6-8 months, and V-Meti is once a week, which can regenerate and restructure collagen, repair aging and damaged collagen, make the skin firmer and more elastic, plump the face and reduce wrinkles. The contour is clearer and more supple, achieving the effect of 1+1>2, keeping the skin in the best state and achieving the most stable anti-aging effect.


          Home Care Advice


          Maintenance after treatment is also very important. After treatment, moisturizing and sun protection are required. At this time, collagen regeneration requires a lot of water. It is recommended to use Xiaoyin Bar F2 Hydrating Muscle Rejuvenating Essence for morning and evening wiping, or go to the store twice a week for deep introduction of Abbas.


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