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Detailed answers to common sensitive skin problems

2022-04-11 16:15:42

          1.What is the difference between sensitive skin and normal skin?


          The stratum corneum of sensitive skin is thin and fragile, the skin barrier is damaged, and it is easily exposed to external stimuli. Weather changes, sunlight exposure, air dust, etc. will stimulate sensitive skin, resulting in burning, stinging, itching and tightness of the skin. It may also be accompanied by erythema and scaling.

          2.What is the difference between sensitive skin and allergic skin?


          Allergic skin: It is a symptom of dermatitis, as long as the allergens are isolated or the allergic products are stopped.


          Sensitive skin: Refers to the skin is relatively fragile, prone to allergies, but no skin inflammation.


          3.What types of sensitive skin are there?


          Naturally Sensitive Skin: Skin is sensitive due to genetic factors and constitution, so moisturizing should be the main focus in skin care.


          Acquired sensitive skin: The skin is sensitive due to factors such as temperature, humidity, climate, spirit, or skin diseases. This sensitive skin needs to be soothed in skin care.


          “Made” sensitive skin: Due to excessive cleaning, frequent trips to beauty salons to use Sanwu products, or long-term use of hormone-containing skin care products or drugs, sensitive skin should be repaired.


          4.What is the relationship between hormone face and sensitive skin?


          Among people with sensitive skin, there is such a misunderstanding: the use of skin care products containing hormones can improve the condition of sensitive skin in a short period of time, but it is very likely to lead to “hormone face”!  The so-called hormone face refers to a serious skin damage caused by the toxic and side effects of hormones caused by the abuse or misuse of hormone-containing cosmetics.


          5.Are there many people with sensitive skin?

          According to big data, one out of every three people has sensitive skin, and there are more women than men.

          The survey shows that women aged 20-30 are the main group with sensitive skin, and girls from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou pay more attention to sensitive issues. Serious environmental pollution, high work pressure, and frequent use of cosmetics are the main reasons for skin sensitivity in urban women.


          6.Why does sensitive skin appear?

          One is genetic factors, and the other is because of exposure to irritating things, such as irritating cosmetics, skin care products, etc.


          7.What are the symptoms of sensitive skin?

          It seems that the skin is thin, prone to allergies, and the redness on the face is obvious. General temperature changes, too cold or too hot, the skin is prone to redness and heat.  susceptible to environmental influences.


          8.In summer, there is an air conditioner indoors, and it becomes red and hot when you go outside. Is this sensitive skin?

          In summer, the weather is hot, the protective ability of sensitive skin is poor, the skin barrier is weak, and flushing due to temperature changes can be one of the characteristics of sensitive skin. But don’t confuse the skin’s normal response to temperature with damage to the skin’s protective layer, and pay attention to regulating the room temperature.


          9.My face is itchy when I wear a turtleneck sweater in winter. Is this a sweater sensitivity?

          Skin irritation to the fabric is also common. You probably have sensitive skin, which is called a contact allergy.  Sensitive skin should use as little as possible real wool and synthetic fabrics. Clothes made of cotton or silk can be used.


          10.Can I wear sunscreen for sensitive skin?

          Every chemical sunscreen is bad for the skin, and the higher the concentration and the greater the amount applied, the greater the risk of allergy and inflammation. Don’t put on too much high-strength sunscreen if you don’t have to.  Usually, you can use a foundation with low sun protection value, and often use physical sun protection methods such as wearing sunglasses and umbrellas.


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