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HIFU ultrasonic

2021-11-24 08:54:22

        Ultrasonic knife beauty instrument is the most advanced anti-aging skin tightening instrument at present. It uses Ultrasound as an energy source, utilizes HIFU (high-intensity Focused Ultrasound) and high-energy Focused Ultrasound knife technology, and can achieve SMAS (fascia layer) that can only be affected by skin tightening surgery through non-invasive treatment. Therefore, it has become the first choice for high-end wrinkle removal projects.


        The treatment principle of HIFU ultrasonic is as follows:


1.Cavitation effect: mainly through the intense expansion and atrophy of bubbles, the pathological tissues produce mechanical destruction;


2.High heat effect :HIFU treatment instrument can focus high intensity ultrasound energy on the treatment area, and can rapidly increase the tissue temperature of the target area to more than 70℃ in 0.5 seconds, which makes the cells of the treated tissue rapidly coagulate and necrotic, reaching the purpose of treatment;


3.Immune effect: necrotic pathological tissue can play a role in stimulating the body’s immunity, and can produce anti-tumor effect in the later stage.

        The characteristics of HIFU ultrasound scalpel treatment include the following:


1.Monitoring: In the process of treatment, the effect of surgical treatment can be monitored by detecting the changes of ultrasonic shadow of necrotic tissue;


2.Non-invasive: the operation only affects the lesion site, will not harm the adjacent tissues and organs, after healing can maintain the surface tissue integrity, leaving no scar;


3.No side effects: the operation has no side effects, the curative effect is accurate, does not affect the female fertility ability; Four, no damage to the human body: because this technology is a mechanical wave, does not contain radiation, and no harm to the human body.


        The operable parts of focused ultrasound


The American version of the ultrasound knife stipulates that the frontal Angle can not be hit, 1.5cm in front of the ear can be operated, and the corner of the mouth can not be hit. The standard 4.5mm treatment head is applied to the cheek area only and can be applied in two rows of 30 to 50 rounds per row. Those with broad cheeks can play three or four rows. The 3mm treatment head can be used for forehead position manipulation. The thyroid gland in the neck is not hit.

        Therapeutic effect of focused ultrasound


Immediate treatment effect, can observe the local subtle lifting, skin whitening and improvement, tightening feeling;


One month after treatment, the whole skin was slightly lifted, and the skin quality was improved and the sense of tightness was enhanced, making the skin smoother.


Three months after treatment, the whole body will be significantly lifted, the face will be firmer, and the skin around the eyes will also have a feeling of lifting and unfolding
If the effect of the photo is not very obvious, you can record the data by manual measurement, and reflect the most obvious improvement after finishing the ultrasonic knife with digital changes.


        Ultrasound treatment is also a non-invasive treatment method, no incision, no puncture, patients receive treatment without pain.


Further reading:Introduction of functional principle and postoperative nursing


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