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How to do daily maintenance of laser hair removal beauty device?

2022-06-28 16:44:45

          How to do daily maintenance of laser hair removal beauty device?


          This should be the topic of concern to many beauty salon owners. The laser hair removal beauty device is with high value and each beauty salon or spa may put into much on it. So it is very important for the beauty salon, and daily maintenance is also a problem that the beautician needs to pay attention to:


          1.Add water, outlet of water and water changing for the instrument.


          Add water time : before working the machine!


          After the new laser hair removal beauty device arrives at the store,Diode Laser TECH Company recommends that water must be added at the first time, and the handpiece can be installed after the water is full. Most beauty devices or instruments require water for cooling system and heat-disappation.


          How to add water: Install the watering funnel at the water inlet, open the nut of the overflow, and pour the water into the watering funnel until the water overflows, which means the instrument water is full.Then you can connect the electricity to do machine opertaions.


          when the water is released, open the overflow and the water outlet until the water outlet is not Water flows out.


          The laser hair removal beauty device changes water every 2-3 month is better, and pull out all the water inside and add new water inside, please do not add any water during the 2-3 month working time. To ensure all the water is fresh. And water quality is Distilled water but not with any alkaline mineral water.

          2. Take Care about Water quality:


          The laser hair removal beauty devices instrument is added with cold or cool water, and it is best to add distilled water or pure water, avoid adding mineral water, adding mineral water is easy to damage the instrument since there are many dust and Ion inside.


          3.Operation should be in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the instrument.


          Many laser operator they do not read the user manual before laser operation. So when any emergency comes, they don’t know how to deal with it. So please read the instructions or user manual carefully before doing the treatment.


          4.During the transportation of the instrument, the water must be cleaned and packaged.


          Some mini salon or clinic, maybe you do not have enough devices to do door to door service. So you must take one device to many different places. But please kindly be noted that each of the device shoudl be cleared water out before transportation. Each device is with both eletronic system and also water cooling system, upside is electrical parts while the bottom side is the water recycling ways. So please take care do not transport with water inside. Will cause easily controller board burning or laser handles broken also when next time working again.

          5.Change water filters every 6 month and change the ION filters every one year.


          The water cooling system is very important. You should ask technician or professioanl engineer to clear and clean the water ways every 3 month when changing water. Also please do not forget to change water filter PP and Ion filter to make the water way cleared.


          Diode Laser Tech maintenance company recommends that the instrument be cleaned regularly, keep it clean and dry, please disconnect the electricity when not in use.

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