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Korea’s latest unlimited ultrasound non-focusing technology

2022-04-21 15:34:23

          When did you find yourself getting old?


          The collagen content in the skin decreases year by year after the age of 25. When your proud apple muscle is no longer plump, when your baby fat gradually sags, when your faint double chin gradually appears, or even a triple chin or N-layer chin, time is knocking on your face A wake-up call: Facial collagen and moisture have begun to slowly decrease. When your nasolabial folds gradually deepen, crow’s feet are clearly visible from faintly visible when you smile to when you don’t smile, and when you raise your head slightly and then there are forehead lines, it is also time to remind you that your skin has begun to enter the aging stage. 


          In fact, we have been resisting aging all our lives, from applying moisturizing oils to prevent dryness and cracking in infants, to applying skin care products to prevent wrinkles in youth, to using various methods to resist aging in middle age. All our lives we have been chasing younger, more confident lives. However, with the loss of time, the skin sagging and sagging is the inevitable price that the human body must pay for resisting gravity, and it is also the most difficult problem to solve in the process of facial anti-aging. Because this is a very complex process, including the reduction of collagen, the rupture of elastic fibers, the downward movement of fat atrophy, and the weakening of bone loss support.

          For example, when we make various expressions every day, the skin will form wrinkles by repeatedly pulling the expression muscles. At the beginning, the dynamic fine lines only appear when we make expressions. As the skin collagen decreases and the elastic fibers break, the wrinkles become more and more Static wrinkles that are deep and even when no expression is made.


          Anti-aging treatment methods include drug treatment, diet nutrition treatment, psychological stress reduction treatment, sports medicine treatment, cosmetic medicine treatment and so on. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology is a non-invasive treatment technology with a history of more than 30 years. It has been used for extracorporeal lithotripsy and tumor treatment. After 2005, Israel’s UltraShape company and American Liposonix company have successively developed non-invasive and non-invasive skin fat-melting equipment based on focused ultrasound. To complete the surgical purpose of fat-melting and plastic surgery, the clinical application of focused ultrasound technology has been extended to the field of medical beauty. Among them, the new thermoplastic, a Korean instrument, has become the representative of focused ultrasound technology and is sought after by many people in the medical beauty industry.


          New Thermoplastic is an ultrasonic anti-aging beauty instrument from South Korea. It adopts the world’s most advanced lifting and wrinkle removal technology. It is the most popular and profitable project in 2020. The new thermoplastic uses ultra-high radar wave focusing and amplification technology, which will gradually enlarge after focusing the energy to a point. It is not like an array of ultrasonic knives. The new thermoplastic is easy to operate, requires no consumables, does not hurt nerves, has a high safety factor, and the probe can be reused. The immediate effect is 100%, and the immediate effect is beneficial to customer expansion and overall performance.

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