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Reasonable diet and regular exercise are effective methods for sustained weight loss

2022-03-29 09:59:04

        In a chemical reaction, mass can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one material form to another. The coming and going of fat is no exception. The basic criterion for identifying the authenticity of all weight loss methods is that fat will come and go, and there will be a shadow. Any kind of scientific weight loss method should be able to clearly explain: where the fat comes from and where it goes after losing it.


        Basal metabolic rate refers to the number of calories a person consumes in the minimum amount of calories needed to sustain life under static conditions. Basal metabolism is the most calorie consumption item in the human body without exercising. The basal metabolism of the human body will account for about 65-70% of the total calorie consumption in a day, so it will greatly affect the speed of weight loss.


        The basal metabolic rate will also choose a person’s clothes and hats, which vary according to age, gender, body composition, and hormonal status. It rarely changes in a short period of time, and a person’s basal metabolic rate is almost determined in the mother’s belly.


        Calories are the effects of diet and exercise on body weight from a thermodynamic point of view. The result of being fat or thin is like being on a seesaw by weights at both ends. One end of the seesaw is in the mouth, the amount of calories it takes in determines the weight at one end, and the other end is inside the body, and the amount of calories it consumes is the weight at this end. When the “calorie intake = calorie consumption” seesaw is balanced, the weight remains stable; when the “calorie intake > calorie consumption” seesaw is biased towards the mouth, the weight is on an upward trend; and when the “calorie intake < calorie consumption” seesaw is biased towards the body, the weight in a downward trend. This is the “law of thermodynamics” – the principle of heat balance.


        Reducing caloric intake from oral meals and biasing the seesaw toward the body is an important way to lose weight. At the other end of the seesaw, the increase in body heat consumption (= basal metabolic rate + total physical activity consumption + food thermic effect) is also another important way for the seesaw to bias the body.


        How to increase the basal metabolic rate has been introduced earlier. If the total consumption of physical activity is compared to a person’s total income, then the consumption of daily physical activities and the extra consumption of exercise are the wages and bonuses that constitute income. Under normal circumstances, the salary is basically fixed, and the bonus will vary greatly depending on the performance. That is to say, the extra consumption of exercise is the main factor that produces the difference in weight loss effect. Contrary to our general perception, the consumption of exercise is not only the calories it consumes directly, just as investment is not only to recover the cost. Exercise to lose weight is more like a good investment, a lot of money. At least three major benefits can be obtained from exercise: the direct calorie consumption required for exercise; the metabolic consumption of exercise-enhanced exercise; and the increase of basal metabolic rate brought about by long-term continuous exercise.


        The thermic effect of food justifies the adage “you must first take what you want”. The human body needs additional energy expenditure in the process of digesting, absorbing, transporting and ingesting food. Among them, protein has the greatest special power effect, which is equivalent to consuming 30% of its own energy, carbohydrates are 5%-6%, and fats are 4%-5%. Dieters are undoubtedly the most generous people in the world when it comes to giving their bodies energy. So, in order to donate more calories, it is necessary to increase the proportion of protein in the diet.


        From the above analysis of the principles of calorie balance, it can be seen that a reasonable diet and regular exercise are effective methods for sustained weight loss.


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