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Red acne marks, black acne marks, how to quickly remove acne marks?

2022-11-15 14:15:25

What is the most repetitive thing in the world?


In addition to the hot and cold weather, Party A reported back to the first draft… and acne.When it comes to acne removal, I believe that the experience of every acne removal person is a bitter history of blood and tears.


Even harder than the acne, I finally got rid of the acne, but left unsightly acne marks, and the second war started again.

The formation of acne scars

Most acne scars are divided into red and black, and the reasons for their formation are still somewhat different.


red acne marks

Red acne marks are mainly caused by the inflammatory immune response after acne. Inflammation in acne causes telangiectasias or proliferations in the dermis to form temporary red marks.


Under normal circumstances, the red acne marks will subside on their own with the metabolism, a few weeks, and a few months.

Black acne marks

The formation of black acne marks is due to the abnormal proliferation of melanocytes after the skin is stimulated during inflammation, resulting in the deposition of a large number of melanin particles. Both UV light and inflammatory stimuli can easily cause and promote hyperpigmentation.


Black pimples are more difficult to remove than red pimples and take longer to clear on their own. It depends on the depth of melanin in the skin, the epidermis is relatively easy, the dermis takes longer.

Acne scars never get better?

If you feel your acne scars haven’t gone away, it’s most likely related to the following reasons:

1.Too impatient. The time for the acne marks to fade is related to the location of the acne marks, individual metabolic rate, etc., give your skin a little patience and time.


2.The acne is not well controlled. The primary disease that caused the inflammation must be controlled first, and the acne marks will gradually subside. 


3Improper skin care. Failure to do a good job of sun protection, excessive cleansing, staying up late, etc. may damage the skin barrier and aggravate hyperpigmentation.


When the acne marks subside, you must pay attention to avoid the above factors~


How to make acne scars fade faster 


Is there any way to make annoying acne marks disappear quickly? We can use some topical medicines or skin care products to increase the disappearance process. 


red acne marks 

The core of eliminating red acne marks is: anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory in the early stage of inflammation. 


Retinoic acid, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid (relatively less irritating) can be used topically on the advice of a doctor. 

Notice! Retinoids are contraindicated in pregnant women, lactating women, and women planning to become pregnant. Topical retinoids may carry some risk of irritation. It is recommended to try it on a small area for 2-3 days, and use it on a large area after confirming that there is no obvious irritation or allergy. 


Black acne marks

The method of improving black pox marks is mainly to inhibit the formation of melanin and accelerate the metabolism and decomposition of melanin, which is similar to the method of whitening and freckle removal. Common ingredients include VC, acids, niacinamide, arbutin, etc.


For more stubborn acne marks, topical medicines and skin care products have limited effect. If there is no improvement for more than two or three months, medical and cosmetic methods can be used to assist.

Medical beauty items to Improve Acne Scars

For acne scars that have not improved for a long time, you can consider these medical beauty items:


Chemical peels

That is, what we usually call acid brushing, mainly by accelerating the replacement of dead skin cells in the epidermis and promoting skin metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing pigmentation.




After the intense pulsed light is irradiated to the deep tissue of the skin, it will produce a photothermal effect, which can be preferentially absorbed by melanin in the tissue and hemoglobin in the blood vessels, destroying the pigment group, thereby improving acne marks and telangiectasia to a certain extent. .



Use photothermal reaction and photomechanical reaction to destroy pigments and improve color sink. However, it should be noted that temporary darkening may occur after picosecond surgery, which normally subsides within 3-6 months. Careful consideration should be given before choosing.


Fractional laser

By acting on the skin to form micro-damages (similar to making many small holes in the skin surface), it can promote the excretion of pigment particles. In addition, fractional laser can also play a role in sealing and dilating blood vessels, which can improve the effect of acne scars to a certain extent. 


However, if the density is too high and the peeling is excessive, there is also a risk of postoperative inflammation and hyperpigmentation. It is recommended to go to a regular institution and let the doctor adjust the energy and point spacing according to the specific situation.

Prevention is better than cure 

The best treatment is prevention.


The first is to do a good job in the treatment of acne, and at the same time be sure to control yourself, do not scratch or squeeze the acne.


At the same time, daily skin care should also be done well: 


sun protection


We’ve stressed the importance of sun protection countless times, and there are people who don’t know I’m going to be sad, okay? Usually you can use sunscreen, sunscreen umbrella, sunscreen hat, etc., to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (acne marks) to a certain extent. 




Choose a gentle cleanser and use a gentler approach to avoid damaging the skin barrier and aggravating pigmentation.




You can use some moisturizing products that contain soothing ingredients, such as moisturizing products that add ingredients such as allantoin, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid. Avoid functional products with a high risk of irritation, which can worsen inflammation and hyperpigmentation. 

Doing basic work such as cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection, developing healthy eating habits and working and resting time, and properly matching acid, niacinamide, arbutin products or medical beauty aids according to the type of acne marks, it is not difficult to defeat acne.

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