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2022-02-15 15:33:25

          Using the latest technology of RSFU, the ultra-speed wave is a non-invasive device that has a lifting and firming effect on the skin. It maximally lifts the face with non-surgical treatment, firming and contouring, with extraordinary anti-aging and sculpting effects.


          Instrument principle


          The ultra-speed wave uses the latest patented technology of RF and HIFU, multi-stage radio frequency and ultrasonic synchronous command action, the ultrasonic wave penetrates the epidermis, the fat layer, stimulates the contraction of the SMAS layer, instantly makes the skin tissue reach a high temperature of 60~75 °C, and the skin is thermally coagulated Effect, forming network condensation points in the dermis and fascia layer, multi-stage radio frequency synchronous ultrasonic focusing depth to form cross network energy, producing resistance electrothermal effect on skin tissue (55-65 ℃), stimulating fiber and collagen tissue contraction Firming, regeneration and repair, achieve three-dimensional lifting and firming, and realize the perfect combination of radio frequency and ultrasound two anti-aging technologies.


          Technical principle


          RSFU (RF&Synchronized High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is “Radio Frequency & Synchronized High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System”. The multi-function probe incorporating “RSFU” high-tech is specially designed and developed for the realization of various face and body improvement applications.


          The 4MHz transducer generates energy to produce a resistive electrothermal effect on the skin tissue, while the 10MHz ultrasonic transducer transmits ultrasonic energy to the dermis and fascia layers. Innovative technologies can not only maximize customer comfort, but also experience the anti-aging effects of two anti-aging technologies. .


          Taboo crowd:


          1.Patients who are suffering from allergies


          2.Micro-rectification has been done recently (for example: patients who have been injected with botulinum toxin within a month)


          3.There are fillers on the face. If there are protein lines implanted on the face, it is not recommended for those who have unrealistic illusions about the effect.


          4.Patients with major diseases: diabetes, heart disease, scar history, hyperthyroidism


          5.Women’s three periods (menstrual period, pregnancy period, lactation period)


          6.Customers with open wounds, lesions, severe cystic acne on the face and customers with skin diseases


          7.Wearing pacemakers (heart rate devices and other electronic devices in the body), vascular stents or metal implants, skin malignant tumors, etc.


          Postoperative care


          1.Apply a large amount of medical anti-inflammatory and moisturizing mask after surgery. It is recommended to apply two masks a day in the first week.


          2.Avoid washing your face with too hot water for the first three days


          3.Normal skin care and makeup can be carried out the next day without affecting work and life.


          4.Due to different skin types, individual customers may experience redness or pimples after surgery (due to the accumulation of heat under the skin after surgery, customers with sensitive skin may have such a situation), apply a large amount of mask for treatment. Replenish water and recover in about three days.


          Core selling points


          1.Non-surgical treatment of face lift, firming and body contouring system;


          2.The world’s latest RSFU radio frequency synchronization command high-energy focused ultrasonic technology;


          3.Non-invasive, safe, fast, comfortable and effective;


          4.The layered anti-aging sextet has a depth of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, which can solve the problem of skin aging throughout the body;


          5.The depth of 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm can solve the problem of skin aging of the whole body, shape the perfect body, and restore the youthful state of the skin;


          6.The first lifting, the second firming, the third metabolism and the triple protection of fat-dissolving, one machine can solve all skin aging problems.


Further reading:Introduction of functional principle and postoperative nursing


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