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Stimulate collagen production with IPL therapy

2022-01-18 10:07:26

        Beautiful skin is one of the most desired traits. IPL therapy can make an older person look years younger, just as wrinkled skin can make a person appear years older than they actually are. The problem is that tight and smooth skin requires a certain amount of collagen production. As the body accumulates years, this production tends to diminish due to various changes that occur within the body. This leads to skin becoming imperfect at an ever-increasing rate, which can reverse the benefits of seeking dermatological treatments.


        The good news is that collagen production can be boosted by IPL therapy. This cutting-edge treatment accomplishes this by affecting the tissues of the body without the need for invasive surgery, intense recoveries, or lasting aftereffects.


        What is IPL Therapy?


        IPL  therapy is one of the many non-invasive treatments designed to affect the tissue under the skin. This initiates the body’s repair response, which in turn is what allows it to drastically improve the amount of collagen that your body produces.


        IPL collagen stimulation therapy works by introducing intermittent pulses of laser light to the skin. This light passes through the upper layers of the skin, which in turn leaves the healthy tissue unharmed. When it reaches the lower layers where the collagen structures reside, it causes the tissue to vibrate. This tissue is then removed by the body. New collagen is produced, which in turn allows for the skin to undergo a marked improvement.


        Why Does IPL Therapy Boost Collagen Production?


        It’s important to understand that IPL therapy boosts collagen production in several ways, which in turn makes it incredibly useful to older individuals that may suffer from aging skin. The first way has already been explained: IPL therapy destroys undesirable collagen structures. This allows the body to initiate the healing process, which in turn allows it to stimulate collagen production.


        The second way is by encouraging blood flow to treated areas. The excess heat is absorbed by the surrounding tissue. While this heat tends to be insufficient to cause damage, it does cause the blood vessels to expand. This results in an increased blood flow, which in turn ensures that collagen can be produced at an increased rate.


        The last major way involves the other effects of initiating the body’s repair process. Once the old, less dense collagen structures are removed, the body tends to be better able to produce new collagen cells after the new tissue has been created. This results in a general improvement to the firmness and texture of skin for a prolonged period following successful IPL therapy.


        Is IPL Therapy Right for You?


        IPL therapy represents a marked advancement in fighting skin deterioration. It can dramatically boost the body’s ability to produce collagen while removing undesirable structures from the skin. While this makes it useful for some, it may not be ideal for every patient.


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