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The difference between intense pulsed light and 808 diode laser

2022-05-25 10:29:42

          The difference between the two is:


          1.The light emitted by the pulsed light contains different wavelengths and cannot be concentrated into a beam of light, so the aiming and penetrating power are not as strong and deep as the laser, and the effect of removing more hairs is relatively weak. Pulsed light is less suitable for dark skin.


          2.The laser emits a single specific wavelength energy pulse width, which reaches the melanin at the root of the hair follicle through the skin layer, directly penetrating the light energy to the specific hair root, destroying the target of the hair follicle more targetedly and avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue. Lasers can be used to treat a variety of skin tones.


          In China, only regular hospitals can carry out laser treatment, so for hair removal equipment, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is the best choice. When choosing an instrument, focus on the following aspects: energy, wavelength, speed of light, service life, and optical port density.

          Features of Intense Pulsed Light and Lasers


          1.Laser: Strictly speaking, laser is what beauty shops usually call laser. Generally used in professional medical beauty hospitals, based on traditional hair removal instruments, the technology has been further improved, bringing customers a more comfortable experience and enjoying better hair removal effects. Usually 3-5 times of hair removal is efficient and fast, and about 30 minutes of hair removal is enough for the whole body, so it is very popular among the masses.


          2.Intense pulsed light and photons. It is mostly used for small household hair removal devices. At first, it is mainly used for skin beautification, and it can be used for hair removal after extension. The cost is small, and the individual can bear the cost. It is small and convenient, but its power is small and cannot achieve the effect of hair loss. Naturally, the treatment process is not as comprehensive as a regular hospital.


          In general, basically both laser and pulsed light can generate photothermal energy, which can be completely absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle, causing damage to the hair follicle and ultimately preventing hair growth.


          How to use the hair removal device

          1.Clean the skin before hair removal


          Before hair removal, we need to clean the hair removal site, and if conditions permit, we can also cut its hair length first, which is more convenient for laser hair removal. The formal medical beauty meeting is properly arranged, and there is basically nothing to worry about.


          2.Apply body lotion after hair removal


          After hair removal, it is necessary to soothe the skin in time. It is best to rinse it once with warm water. Remember not to use overheated water here! Dry with a soothing milk powder or toner to make the skin less sensitive and avoid unpleasant conditions like stinging.


          3.Pay attention to sun protection after hair removal


          Because we have melanin in our hair follicles and in the hair follicles of our skin. After sun exposure, it activates the hyperpigmentation activity of the superficial epidermis, which can lead to hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin.


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