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What is Skin Whitening?

2022-07-05 15:37:51

          Skin whitening is a way to reduce skin pigmentation. In most cases, skin whitening is targeted, but sometimes it also involves laser or surgery.


          Understanding skin pigmentation


          Generally speaking, a person’s skin color depends on melanin. Melanin is a pigment produced in melanocytes. People are born with a certain level of melanin. In addition, it also determines the relative darkness or brightness of their skin color. Environmental factors , Especially when exposed to sunlight, melanocytes will produce more melanin. This can cause the skin to be quite dull. In some cases, this sun damage can appear in the form of brown age spots. After injury, pigmentation or excessive darkening of certain parts of the skin may also occur, or because of skin diseases such as acne. Pregnancy or hormone therapy may also stimulate melanocytes and cause a type of pigmentation called chloasma. In this skin condition, brown patches may appear on the face.

          How to whiten the skin?


          1.Do enough sun protection work. If you want to whiten and tender your skin, you must do a good job of sun protection. You must use sunscreen when you go out every day. This will protect our skin from the sun. After basic skin care, apply a layer of sunscreen to go out to effectively protect our skin. The damage caused by ultraviolet rays, sun protection is not good, whiteningis useless.


          2.Eat more natural foods, and eat less pigments and over-processed things. Fruits such as kiwi, cherry tomatoes, oranges, cherries, apples, grapes, papaya, oranges, etc., can be eaten a little every day to supplement body vitamins and other nutrients. It also has a whitening effectand is very good for skin.


          3.Consistently drink a glass of honey water every day, which is very good for the skin, and anti-oxidation can improve the body’s functions. But girls who are allergic to honey must make a detour. If you have nothing to do at home, you can buy some fresh lemon + jar + honey and make your own honey tea. Remember, you can’t go out in the sun after drinking lemon honey water, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive. You must drink it at night to have the whitening effect. Drinking it during the day will only get darker, because lemon has a light-absorbing effect.


          4.Drink plenty of warm boiled water. It is correct to drink plenty of water. It promotes detoxification of the body, prevents dull and yellow complexion, promotes metabolism and helps the skin become white and better.

          5.Use cosmetics carefully. It is best not to use hormone-containing whitening Although you feel white after using it, once you stop using it, your skin will immediately become very poor, and it will be more difficult to repair it.


          6.Through a good sleep, don’t stay up late, don’t look at too many bright things. Early to bed and early to rise are also good for the skin, and it is also a good choice to have a beauty sleep at noon.


          7.With the help of beauty equipment, the skin whitening effect can be achieved very well. Dermatologists can perform a procedure called dermabrasion to reduce acne scars, brown spots and similar pigmentation problems. In this technique, the skin surface is gently rubbed with a special device. Laser option Laser treatment is one of the methods available recently to improve the appearance of the skin. It can be used for uneven skin tone and pigmentation, such as melasma. This therapy can be used specifically for the affected area or the entire face.

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