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448K visceral fat dissolving instrument takes you into a new era of beauty and body care!

2022-03-02 10:56:41

          1.At present, there is no topical product that can have the best effect than 448K. It is an instrument that can reduce visceral fat like liposuction, which also replaces the relief of liposuction to a certain extent in many plastic surgery hospitals.


          2.It can dissolve visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat has high density and is difficult to metabolize. It is difficult to reduce it through exercise and dieting. However, it is difficult to form secondary accumulation when visceral fat is reduced, preventing repeated obesity.


          3.Deep heat can act on the human fascia layer, the fascia layer collagen regeneration, the fascia layer determines whether the human skin contour falls, not only can shape the perfect body shape, but also can make your whole body skin firm and improve.

          448K lipolysis device can dissolve subcutaneous fat and visceral fat at the same time. The 448K lipolysis instrument adopts the 448K method which is further improved than the high frequency of the existing CET method of generating heat on the surface of the skin tissue. It can penetrate the energy into the deepest fat layer and muscle layer, and generate heat in a painless way. 448K fat manipulation has a remarkable effect in skin regeneration, not only maintaining normal cell activity but also regenerating new cells. An important advantage of the 448K lipolysis instrument is that the 448K current does not have any effect on the patient.


          The 448K lipolysis instrument adopts the 448K (resistive electric transfer) method, which is further improved by the high frequency of the existing C.E.T (capacity electric transfer) method that generates heat on the surface of the skin tissue, and can penetrate the energy. 448K can break down subcutaneous fat and even visceral fat because this product penetrates deeper into energy than other equipment. 448K will penetrate the human body, generate deep heat in the visceral fat layer, and promote lymph circulation and metabolism, so the fat burning effect and cellulite reducing effect* are excellent.


          The operation can be performed on most parts of the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, and even more than 4 to 5 inches of abdominal fat can be removed within a month. Not only does it reduce size, but it also restores elasticity to the skin, which is the advantage of 448K fat destruction.


          In particular, the 448K lipolysis and shaping device is a non-surgical operation, so there is almost no pain, no ecchymosis, no swelling, and no inconvenience in life. This method of operation does not leave pigmentation, surgical marks, or uneven skin, so it is favored by patients who are afraid of surgery.


          In today’s society where people pay more attention to the quality of life, losing weight is not just for the pursuit of S-curve beauty, but for health. In this sense, 448K lipolysis, which can effectively remove visceral fat, which is the root of all diseases, is a new technology that organically combines science and health, and is an alternative to the conventional lipolysis that only focuses on the removal of subcutaneous fat plan.


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