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8 Must-Know Questions About HIFU Treatment

2022-08-08 17:16:28

          Q1. Is there anything to gain from doing Hifu?


          The Hifu principle is to connect the phone to the high-level phone layer, the real phone call layer, and the real phone layer has three similar phone layers. But excessive additional gains can be risky.


          Q2. Does Hifu hurt?


          Both aspects can be discussed by a very suitable human relationship, it is the pain that the individual suffers and the suffering, therefore, the pain point of view, therefore, in the case of stress, it can also be based on different positions and bears. The magnitude of the force accepts, accepts pressure and pressure. If Guoguo wants to avoid all kinds of pain, other methods can also be used, or the output capacity or quantity of the instrument can be reduced.


          Q3. Does Hifu dry out the skin?


          Hifu will make the skin heat to make the water layer straw, and Hifu part of the water, so after Hifu, you need to add water frequently to hydrate the skin, starting for the skin, first let the water source make the skin tissue work. More beautiful, slow down the drain.


          Q4. How much can the price of Hifu be maintained in general?


          First of all, it is necessary to understand that HIFU is because of the meaning of the original piece of skin, HIFU is because we make more ingredients in some form of stimulation, and make the skin have more ingredients. The Marquis is what everyone looks like. Metaphorically, the densely-packed meeting tent urged Chen Movie to support the nervous, and people at that time were also using the appearance of new skin to make his skin more real to the skin. Plus, while it doesn’t look like the face is younger, it looks mature to the naked eye, making this a real answer.


          Q5. What should I pay attention to after HIFU treatment?


          HIFU plans to use the right price, under the more suitable conditions of use, we must use the right price in the right situation, and in the right situation, we must use the right price in the right situation, and must use the right price in the right situation Use the right price under the right circumstances, use the right price under the right circumstances, use the right price under the right circumstances, and under the right circumstances, we must use salicylic acid, high-concentration vitamin C in the right environment , Use skin care products with exfoliating and alcohol-containing ingredients; his skin will be dry, so it is advisable to strengthen moisturizing, use a moisturizing mask, and use sunscreen products with SPF30 or above.


          Q6. What kind of skin is Hifu suitable for?


          Hifu is especially suitable for facial contours, inconspicuous contour lines, sagging upper face and inelastic skin.


          Question 7. Can’t use the D position at hand?


          Including eyebrows, eyes, lips, jaws.


          Q8. Hifu and RF


          Lifting can be obtained) and tightening (the different tightening methods of tightening are, “skin lifting” means pulling up and pulling up, the energy must be deeply tightened) membrane SMAS. Generally speaking, RF RF can only be delivered to 3 depths, the tightness of the skin in this area, so the skin can only see tighter skin.


          RF can be effective at close range; RF can be rapidly improved (Lifting).

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