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LED milk light activated beauty instrument

2022-01-04 14:26:59

          The milk light activation beauty instrument uses high-purity, high-power density red light, blue light and yellow light to irradiate the skin, which can change the cell structure, kill bacteria, provide a suitable environment for new cells, and enhance new collagen, elastin and The production of collagen promotes cell growth; it can repair inflammatory acne aging skin, relieve sun burns, and not harm the skin. It can whiten the skin and promote skin elasticity.

          Milk light activated beauty instrument cold light technology:

          The milk light used in the LED milk light activation beauty instrument is a biologically active cold light that does not produce high heat. It uses low-energy pure light and touchable light adjustment technology to care and operate the skin. It has natural mildness, significant effects, and no side effects. It is an expert in skin care and is suitable for skin of all kinds, especially for severely allergic skin and acne-prone skin.

          Light power of milk light activated beauty instrument:

          LED milk light activation beauty instrument is a technology that uses the dynamic response of light to maintain and operate the skin. It converts light energy into intracellular energy, accelerates cell growth, speeds up blood circulation, stimulates fibrous cell tissue to produce collagen, and increases skin Elasticity plays an important role in repairing aging skin, acne skin, diminishing spots, lifting firmness, and relieving sunburned skin.

          Milk light features:

          1.It can improve the symptoms of aging and loose skin, enlarged pores, and fine wrinkles;

          2.It can improve pigmented lesions, such as: freckles, sunburn, age spots and other symptoms;

          3.It can improve the chlorosis and gray complexion caused by poor metabolism and poor circulation;

          4.It can repair and care for damaged skin;

          5.Effectively reduce swelling, inflammation and scars of oily acne;

          6.Whitening and tender skin, facial moisturizing, detoxification;

          7.Face sculpture, lower jaw and double chin, sculpt cheekbones, tighten cheeks;

          8.Smoothen fine lines and eliminate wrinkles;

          9.Get rid of eye circles, dark bags and eye lines.

          Milk light scope of application:

          1.remove acne: acne, acne, acne;Desensitization, black spots

          2.Improve melting spots, whitening, brightening skin, shrinking pores, sallow complexion and numbness of nerves

          3.eliminate wrinkles, fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleep…

          4.Repair damaged skin, refine wrinkles and expression lines, increase skin elasticity and improve skin flabby

          Advantages of Milk Light:

          1.The optical power density is large enough to reach and exceed the physiological threshold of human body treatment.

          2.A large enough area of effective treatment spot to meet a variety of clinical treatment needs.

          3.Effectively penetrate the subcutaneous tissue for treatment of deep-seated diseases, and the performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable.

          4.A large area of effective therapeutic radiation fully meets the light power therapeutic threshold of human body treatment.

          5.The effective optical power density is large and the distribution is uniform, which improves the treatment effect in an all-round way.

          6.The light stimulation, light heat, pressure, electromagnetic and chemical effects are sufficient, and the clinical treatment effect is significant.


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