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Q switch technical translation homework

2023-04-07 10:52:44

The function of the Q switch is to compress the resulting pulse width.


Our machine uses a lamp pump (pump source), which uses a xenon lamp to excite a crystal rod to emit laser light.


Eyebrow washers usually don’t have front mirrors


Electro-optic Q switch must have a front mirror


Classification of Q-switch


1. Electric and optical Q switch


2 .Solid state Q switching


3. Acousto-optic Q switch


4. Dye Q switch

Electro-optical Q switch, Q is a switch, equivalent to a laser door


The most needed factor is power


The greater the power: the higher the ability to crush the pigment, the smaller the skin damage, the better the treatment effect


The thermal relaxation time is the time it takes for the tissue to release about 63% of its heat, which is about 28ms


Energy within the thermal relaxation time does not cause pain and heat sensation, but above 28ms, heat and pain sensation will be felt


The discharge time of a xenon lamp is ms, while the pulse width of a q-switched laser is usually within 10ns,


The function of the Q-switch is to compress the time and get the giant pulse.


Q in electro-optic Q switching is potassium dihydrogen phosphate


Increase the voltage to a certain value, Q conduction


De-voltage Q, voltage down to a certain value, Q conduction


Solid Q switching has the greatest advantage of stability


755nm is dye Q switch, the highest sensitivity


1064nm electro-optic Q switching, good sensitivity


1064nm solid state Q switching, the worst sensitivity.


Dye Q – switched light is the purest, generally used in ophthalmology


The thickness of the rod determines the energy


Common laser rod diameter φ 5, φ 7, φ 8, φ 10


For every 1mm increase in rod thickness, the cost at least doubles.


Laser rod production: drawing crystallization method


The thicker the laser rod, the harder it is to process


Classification of raw materials, primary materials, secondary materials, tertiary materials


First grade material, usually out of reach of the beauty industry


Secondary material, dermal seconds and excellent NM Q-switched laser


Three level material, eyebrow washing machine


Dual rod laser, one rod as base stage, one rod as amplification stage


Double lamp and double rod, between the front mirror and the rear mirror, there are 2 sets of lights and rods


Single light double stick, light in the middle, stick up and down.


Electro-optic Q switching technology is relatively high, as long as the stability of the laser is good, there is no need to do double lamp double rod


Double lamp double bar is not enough technology, switch control is not good, single pulse energy is insufficient in the case of compromise


If the technology is good enough and the switches are accurately controlled, the energy output requirements can be met by a single set of lamp rods


Electro-optic Q switching, single pulse output


Domestic usually in 9, 13 to buy laser rod


Medical grade picosecond, rarely useful double lamp double rod, because there is no little adjustment of light


Laser rod,


Yellow bar, cesium Ce added, laser efficient, unstable, but high energy


Powder bar, pure Nd:Yag laser more pure, stable


Yellow bar, above 35 degrees Celsius, the energy becomes unstable, and the quality of light decreases


As the temperature increases, the energy will be inaccurate, and the actual output energy will not match the displayed energy


Electro-optical Q-switched powder bar with internal resonator, λ (Ramda) plate, gain plate, etc


The yellow bar cannot be used in electro-optical Q switching, but can be used as a gain light source


Single lamp double rod, Fei Jia invention


Doublecrystal rod laser (DoublecrystalNd:Yaglaser)


Developed to increase energy ceiling and efficiency


Passive Q switching, multi-pulse output mode


Single lamp double bar, the earliest starting energy 350-380MJ energy


Equivalent to φ10 laser rod, φ10 laser rod cost at least 10,000 yuan


You need fewer pulses for the same amount of energy


So compared to an eyebrow washer, it’s safer, it works better,


During operation, the focus should not be used for surgery. The energy density of the focus can not be controlled


Advertising machines that require focal points to perform surgery is usually not good


Our single lamp double bar, large energy, high initial energy, need to add less energy


The energy of 1J/ MC2 is very large. Our single-lamp double-rod laser can hit up to 2.4J


In daily treatment, rarely more than 1 joule of energy is used


Ordinary eyebrow washing machine can not use the honeycomb mirror, because the lens will have energy loss, their own energy is insufficient, use the honeycomb


The lens doesn’t work


Honeycomb lens: used for whitening, dark yellow,


The current situation of tattoo market, dye is more and more advanced, more and more advanced techniques


For us, tattoos are becoming more and more difficult to wash, and the eyebrow washer has lost its effect.


In recent years, a new Q-switched laser: bond rod laser


It is difficult to process, all the original parts are in one, integrated in the whole laser rod, can not be maintained, can only replace the whole fault


A laser rod, high maintenance efficiency, high maintenance cost


The shape of the handle is a round straight barrel, which is generally a bonding rod.


The energy of the bond bar is higher than that of the eyebrow washer, and the single lamp and double bar are not compared


The handle of the bonding rod is light, so only the whole laser rod can be replaced during maintenance.


This kind of product, we only accept custom, OEM single lamp single rod, 10 sets of minimum order custom


The energy limit of the single rod eyebrow washer is 1200MJ, and the length of the laser rod is 90mm to 110mm long


Our single lamp double rod, two rods, φ 5 powder bar, as the base stage, φ 6 as the amplification stage


Cloud lens, our unique, better treatment effect.


Electro-optic Q switch, single rod, higher energy than the parallel electro-optic double rod


Our electro-optic Q switch, single pulse 800MJ, double pulse 1600MJ in PTP mode


Electro-optic Q switch, traditional can’t do double pulse


Static light, Q-switch before the power, MS level


Dynamic light, Q-switch energy after operation, NS level


Close the door energy: normally should not, if the close door energy is leakage energy


Normal Q switch, closing energy 100~ 300MJ, this is the missing energy.


Our closing energy: 0.5 — 3.0 mJ is almost zero leakage


Power supply:


Peer, most are 500W power supply, inductance coil discharge


Our Q-switch, 2000W power supply, charge and discharge independent capacitors, 2 15,000uF capacitors


Their upper limit — 1200 volts


Ours is modulated voltage, square wave discharge, excellent chopper effect.


In the same line, one pulse was 300MJ, two pulses were 530MJ, and three pulses were 750MJ, with uneven energy


We have one pulse at 400mj, two pulses at 800mj, and three pulses at 1200mj, and the energy output is very uniform.


The PTP pattern is unique, with two pulses superimposed on top of each other


In double pulse mode, the interval between the two pulses is so short as to be negligible that it is equivalent to two pulses overlapping


Long pulse: Keep the Q switch open without modulation.


The Q-switch is always on, and the energy can always come out. Our long pulses have an actual energy output


Regular manufacturers have long pulses that have light, but no power, because their Q-switches don’t go on.


Q-switched laser, 450mJ — 650mJ healing energy region,


That’s how much energy your skin can handle


A true picosecond laser has a maximum energy of 550mj

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