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What should I do when I leave red acne marks after acne on my face?Learn about these five methods?

2022-11-09 09:15:22

          The pimples healed, but the pimple marks didn’t go away for a long time. Maybe these 5 methods have not been tried.


          Red acne marks were officially named “post-inflammatory erythema” (PIE) in 2013.


          “PIE” is the pie of apple pie and strawberry pie, and “pie” also describes “a small thing, a simple thing” in English. In fact, red acne marks are really not a big problem in most cases and are not in a hurry for treatment.Many people’s acne marks naturally recover with the improvement of acne.


          So before introducing the treatment of PIE, one thing should be clear.Many people’s acne marks have been bad. The reason is that acne is not good. They mistakenly regard acne as acne marks;Or acne has been repeated, leaving new acne marks,The old acne marks have just disappeared, and the new ones are growing again.


          Therefore, before treating acne marks, we must first make it clear that acne is good, and then treat acne marks.


          In fact, most acne marks do not need treatment and will heal themselves.So under what circumstances is PIE long-term bad and need treatment?Fair-skinned people with red acne scars may heal more slowly, while darker-skinned people are more likely to have darker, more difficult-to-treat acne scars (i.e., hyperpigmented PIH).

          There are five common methods to treat PIE


          This is the most widely used and may be the most effective method to treat red acne marks. Treatment once every 4 weeks, treatment 2-3 times can have a better effect.


          1.Photon rejuvenation (intense pulsed light)


          Photorejuvenation is a widely used method now. The main reason is that photorejuvenation has little stimulation, low risk of side effects, convenient treatment and affordable price.It is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Now the updated super photon has a better effect on red acne. It was treated once every 3 weeks, with an average of 3-6 times, with good results.

          2.Dot matrix microneedle radio frequency (FMR)


          Dot matrix microneedle radiofrequency is to use a series of microneedles to deliver bipolar radiofrequency directly to the dermis to induce dermal remodeling, so as to complete the treatment. It was treated once every 4 weeks, and there was significant improvement after 2 times of treatment.


          Other photoelectric treatments, such as dot matrix laser, also have a certain effect on red acne marks, but because the risk of side effects is relatively high, the application of simple treatment of acne marks is less.The effect of external drugs in the treatment of red acne is not as good as the photoelectric treatment described above, but external drugs are relatively economical and cost-effective. Only a few external drugs have been proved to be effective in the treatment of red acne.

          3.Use 5% tranexamic acid solution or other external preparations


          Once a night for 8 weeks, some people have better results. The main attention of topical preparations is to stimulate allergy, so it needs to be tried in a small area first, and then used in a large area gradually after there is no obvious irritation allergy.


          Its usage is to apply it to the red acne mark once a night. After 12 weeks of use, the red acne mark is significantly improved. Also pay attention to the irritation of topical drugs.


          Finally, once again, first treat acne and then acne marks, otherwise acne marks will not end!​​

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